How to Record Duplicate Transactions in QuickBooks Online

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

For various reasons, duplicate transactions can occur in QuickBooks Online. One of the more common ways this can happen is when you first get a QuickBooks Online account through the syncing of bank transactions process, however this is not the only way. Whatever the reason that you are experiencing duplicate transactions, follow the steps below to ensure that they do not get included in QuickBooks Online.

    Step 1: Identify duplicate transactions in Banking screen.

      Review your current bank transactions in QuickBooks Online: Transactions > Banking.

        duplicate transactions quickbooks online

          Step 2: Select duplicate transactions.

            duplicate transactions in quickbooks online

              Step 3: Exclude duplicate transactions.

                Batch Actions > Exclude Selected

                  duplicate transactions in quickbooks online

                    By excluding the transaction, it is not being accepted into QuickBooks Online. It is important to note that any excluded transactions are not permanently deleted from QuickBooks Online and can be un-excluded* at any time.

                      *To un-exclude transactions from QuickBooks Online: Transactions > Banking > Exclude tab > select transaction to un-exclude > Action > Undo

                        duplicate transactions in qbo

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