Do You Use the Audit Log in QuickBooks Online?

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

*This post has been updated to reflect both the changes that have been made by QuickBooks Online in the name – from “Activity Log” to “Audit Log” – and in the user interface design of the website.

    Audit Log in QuickBooks Online

          Audit Log

          Similar to the Audit Trail in QuickBooks Desktop products, QuickBooks Online has the Audit Log feature. One of the biggest benefits the Audit Log offers is the ability to monitor changes made to your data within QuickBooks Online. Say, for example, in the middle of reconciling your bank accounts you notice that some transactions have been deleted, but don’t remember deleting them. By reviewing your Audit Log for the month, you can easily determine who deleted the transactions and when they were deleted.

            Monitor Updates Made By Your Bank

            Using the Audit Log, you can confirm dates and times that your bank data downloaded into QuickBooks Online. The online banking downloads are controlled by the bank and their coding. Sometimes, if your bank is going through maintenance of some kind, downloads will be blank or fail. This is rare, but it does happen, where the bank will send a broken file for upload. Referencing the Audit Log and being able to confirm that bank downloads have actually taken place as expected can be helpful if you find that some transactions are missing within QuickBooks.

              Monitor Users’ Activity

              Referring to the Audit Log can be helpful when multiple users have access to your QuickBooks Online account. It never hurts to be able to track users’ activity. For those of you that work remotely with your bookkeeper (or for those of you that are considering this option for your bookkeeping), the Audit Log provides an added level of comfort. Its a great way for both of you to work together and each monitor the changes and actions that each party makes to the company data throughout the month. Being able to see exactly who made what changes can also be helpful when questions arise.

                Monitor Other Changes

                There are a variety of actions that are tracked within your Audit Log including (but not limited to) the following:

                • Updates made to your Chart of Accounts
                • Updates made to your Products and Services List (including additions and deletions)
                • All invoice activity including sending, deleting, modifying, and emailing
                • Adding and matching of payment and deposit transactions
                • Tracks when and which accounts are reconciled

                  How do you use your Audit Log? How does using it help your bookkeeping? Leave us a comment below!

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