Why I Hired a Bookkeeper

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

We recently had the opportunity of interviewing Darcie Harris, Author of Why Women Run Smaller Businesses Than Men, founder of EWF International® and creator of The Alpha Mare Academy™, Darcie Harris is an international speaker, trainer, author, media resource, award-winning consultant and champion for female entrepreneurs. Darcie chose to delegate the task of bookkeeping for her business 10 years ago and talks about her experience and the benefits of doing so below.

    For the purpose of this article we will define outsource as: having a bookkeeping professional, external to your business, complete the task of bookkeeping for you.

      What led you to make the decision to outsource your bookkeeping?

        Darcie: I simply ran out of hours in the day! The bookkeeping process is one of the easiest functions to separate out and define for another person to handle. Other areas of running the business require more personal involvement by me, are more intertwined and more difficult to turn over.

          How has outsourcing your bookkeeping been beneficial?

          Darcie: It has allowed me to use my time to focus on the highest and best use of my skills, which are speaking and training women entrepreneurs. In addition to saving me time, it saves me “mental space.” I can use more energy to focus on better understanding and meeting client needs. I am not a professional bookkeeper, so outsourcing to a professional now assures me that transactions are posted correctly and my books are accurate. In addition, my bookkeeper coordinates with my accountant to make sure my tax returns are accurate.

            What drawbacks can you think of to delegating your bookkeeping?

            Darcie: I have worked with clients who chose bookkeepers who did not handle their work in a timely way, so the business owner didn’t have access to current information on which to base decisions.

              *Clearly communicating your expectations to your bookkeeper can help prevent this from happening.

                What advice do you have for those who are still deciding whether to delegate their bookkeeping to a professional?

                  Darcie: I’d definitely encourage them to do it and free up their time to focus on growth strategies for their companies. Interview at least three bookkeepers who come highly recommended and be sure to check references.

                    Thank you Darcie for taking the time to share your experience and thoughts with us. We love hearing stories like these and are glad to hear that you are experiencing the true value of having a professional handle the task of bookkeeping for you.

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                        Have you delegated your bookkeeping? Have a success story? Or, are you ready to let a professional handle the task? Leave us a comment below!

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