Top 5 Reasons You Know You Need a Bookkeeper

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

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You own your own business. You are passionate about what you do. But, part of running your own business is managing the bookkeeping side of your operations. This part you do not like, in fact you loathe it. If this resonates with you, it might be time to pass the baton to someone that actually enjoys organizing the numbers.

      Below we discuss 5 indications that it might be time to hire a bookkeeper.

        1. Your books are out of date.

          Plain and simple, you are behind on your bookkeeping. Like, really behind. You’re not sure when the last time was you reviewed and/or entered bank transactions into your bookkeeping solution (i.e. QuickBooks Online or Xero). Your data is not current and is probably not accurate. You have no idea how much money is coming in or going out each month.

            2. You are behind on invoicing your clients.

              You have performed services for your clients. In fact, you performed services for them a while ago and still have not invoiced them. Maybe you have even forgotten to invoice them. You are entitled to that money that you earned, however because of an overall lack of organization, you have not received it yet.

                3. You haven’t reconciled your bank statements.

                  You haven’t reconciled your bank statements in a really long time. Maybe you haven’t reconciled them at all this year. Reconciling your bank (and credit card) statements each month is the best way to ensure that your data is current, accurate, and complete. It also helps guarantee that all of your financial activity has been recorded in your bookkeeping solution.

                    4. You have clients that haven’t paid you.

                    You have client invoices that are long overdue and have been long overdue for a while now. Maybe even months. Maybe you aren’t even aware of this. Maybe you are and do not have the time to deal with following up with them on the payment status.

                      5. Bookkeeping stresses you out.

                        Bookkeeping is just that part of your business that you do not want to even think about. And, the fact that you know that you are behind on your bookkeeping stresses you out even more.


                            If any of these reasons describe you or the current state of your business bookkeeping, you might need a bookkeeper. Do not wait any longer, you can contact CrunchSum today. We specialize in providing web-based bookkeeping services to service and web and technology based companies. Take control of your bookkeeping by having someone else do it for you! Don’t let it continue to cause you pain.

                            Is your bookkeeping enjoyable or burdensome? Are you ready to let someone else handle the task? Leave us a comment below!

                            CrunchSum provides web-based bookkeeping and QuickBooks Online support services to web and technology companies.

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