Converting Your Quickbooks Windows Desktop File to Quickbooks Online

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

QuickBooks Online is quickly becoming the accounting solution of choice for small business owners. With the many benefits it offers including anywhere, anytime access and automatic data backups, it’s no surprise that many are converting to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks desktop for their business bookkeeping. This tutorial walks you through, step-by-step, how to convert your QuickBooks PC desktop file to QuickBooks Online in 3 simple steps.

    *If you use QuickBooks for Mac, refer to this post.

      Step 1: Verify Data

        You will want to verify your data in your company file to make sure that there are no problems. To accomplish this: File → Utilities → Verify Data.

          converting quickbooks desktop company file to quickbooks onine

            *If there are problems detected when you Verify Data, you will be instructed to Rebuild Data. Once the rebuild has completed, run another Verify Data to determine whether or not the problem was fixed. If the data problem still exists, contact QuickBooks support.

              Step 2: Save Company File in QuickBooks Online Format

                From within your QuickBooks desktop version, create a copy of your company file that is compatible with QuickBooks Online.

                  converting quickbooks for mac to quickbooks online

                    File → Utilities → Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online

                      Save the file to your desktop.

                        This will create a new QuickBooks Online compatible file with the file extension: OE.qbw.

                          Step 3: Import Your QuickBooks Desktop File into QuickBooks Online

                            Currently, you can only import your desktop file into QuickBooks Online using Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9.

                              Company → More → Import QuickBooks Desktop Data

                                converting quickbooks desktop to qbo

                                  Click here to learn more about converting your QuickBooks desktop data to QuickBooks Online.


                                    If you are interested in making the switch from desktop to QuickBooks Online, contact CrunchSum today. We have experience converting both QuickBooks for Mac and QuickBooks Windows desktop company files to QuickBooks Online.

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