Lessons From a Coffee Shop – Two Reasons You Should Be Using QuickBooks Online

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

Recently, I was sitting in a local coffee shop and unbeknownst to me a bookkeeper was sitting next to me waiting for her new client to arrive. Once he finally arrived, one of the first items he inquired about and expressed interest in was whether the bookkeeper was able to offer services online, i.e. by utilizing a cloud-based accounting solution. However, the bookkeeper was not a well-versed user of such accounting solutions as QuickBooks Online, and therefore was really pushing him towards using a QuickBooks desktop version. It took everything in me to not interject “CrunchSum offers web-based bookkeeping services and utilizes QuickBooks Online!”.

    “Do you wish more bookkeepers used QuickBooks Online?”

      Below, we focus on just two of the main reasons (though there are many) that QuickBooks Online can improve your business bookkeeping and make working with your bookkeeper easier.

        1. Anywhere, Anytime Access

        One of the items that the bookkeeper and new client were trying to decide on was which computer would be the most optimal for installing the QuickBooks software on. The new client used both a desktop computer and a laptop for their business, as well as an iPad. This is not even a discussion that you need to have when you use QuickBooks Online. When you use QuickBooks Online, you can access your company financial data from anywhere and at anytime, right from your mobile device, laptop, or even at home from your desktop computer.

          2. No Accountant’s Copy

          Another point of discussion between the bookkeeper and her new client had to do with when and how she would be accessing his QuickBooks desktop file.

            QuickBooks Online

            When you use any QuickBooks desktop product, in order for your bookkeeper to work in your file at the same time as you, make changes, and/or transfer data, you need to create an Accountant’s Copy. QuickBooks Online eliminates the need for the use of an Accountant’s Copy. With QuickBooks Online, since it operates in the cloud, anyone that you give access to your account (including your bookkeeper) can access your data anytime, from anywhere. You do not need to coordinate with your bookkeeper a time when you can both access your company data, nor do you have to create an entirely separate copy of your file for your bookkeeper (the Accountant’s Copy). The ability to have more than one individual accessing your QuickBooks Online data at the same time makes QuickBooks Online a very attractive option for any business.

              Remote Access

              The bookkeeper was planning on using a remote access service, however when you remote into someone’s computer, they can’t be using it at all during this time. Listening to the bookkeeper and new client try to coordinate a good time of day that worked well for both of them for her to access his bookkeeping files remotely, sounded like such a headache! The use of QuickBooks Online eliminates this.


                What do think? Does QuickBooks Online sound like a viable option for your business bookkeeping? These are just some of the reasons why we, at CrunchSum, love QuickBooks Online. We would encourage you to learn more about the QuickBooks Online subscription options.

                Do you have great experiences working with QuickBooks Online? Or, do you want to start using QuickBooks Online? Leave a comment below or contact us: info@crunchsum.com.

                CrunchSum provides web-based bookkeeping and QuickBooks support services to web and technology companies.

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