How to Merge Duplicate Clients in QuickBooks Online

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

When using QuickBooks Online, you may discover in your Client/Customer Center that you are tracking sales related activity for the same client/customer under two different names. In this post we will discuss how you can eliminate this duplication and merge the two client/customers into one.

    Client/Customer Center

    Let’s say for example, you realize that you are tracking the same client under two separate client names in QuickBooks Online. In our example below, Dan Matthews is the owner of Digital Dan Web Design. Currently, he is listed as a client under two separate names: Digital Dan Web Design and Dan Matthews.

      Sales related transactions, such as invoices, have been issued under both names. This clearly doesn’t make sense and may lead to unnecessary confusion down the road. Simply put, these two “clients” need to be merged together into one.

        merge customer in quickbooks online

          How to Merge Together Two Clients

          merge duplicate clients quickbooks online
          merge duplicate clients in quickbooks online

            We want to merge Dan Matthews with Digital Dan Web Design.

              1. Click the Edit logo next to the client name you want to merge. In the case of our example, select to display the name as Digital Dan Web Design and click Save.

                merge clients in quickbooks online

                  2. The window below will appear, asking you to confirm that you do in fact want to merge the two together. Click Yes.

                    merging duplicate clients in quickbooks online

                      3. Continuing with our example, by clicking Yes, all sales related transactions for Dan Matthews and Digital Dan Web Design will be merged together and will now all appear and be tracked under Digital Dan Web Design going forward.

                        As an aside, if you ever need to restore an individual client, in your Client/Customer Center, selecting Show Deleted will allow you to see any clients that you have previously deleted and/or merged.

                          merging duplicate clients in quickbooks online

                            To restore a client, select them from your client list and click on the Restore icon. Your deleted/previously merged client will become active again.

                              merging duplicate clients in quickbooks online

                                Do you have duplicate client/customers in QuickBooks Online?

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