Guest Post: Using the Transaction Pro Importer App for QuickBooks Online

Editors Note: We are excited to introduce guest blogger, Karen Magno (@TransactionPro), principal at Baystate Consulting.

    Have you checked out QuickBooks Online and the Intuit App Center recently?

      Advantages to Using QuickBooks Online

      There are a lot of advantages to businesses moving their accounting to QuickBooks Online. These include:

        • Access to your accounting data from anywhere that you have an internet connection
        • No more computers or networks to maintain
        • Upgrades are included in the monthly subscription
        • Your data is always backed up
        • Easy access for your accountant with no need to send QuickBooks company files via email

          QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

          A lot of users are hesitant to move their data to QuickBooks Online as they have heard that QuickBooks Online does not have all the same features as QuickBooks desktop. That may be true, but Intuit is rapidly expanding the functionality within QuickBooks Online so that the gap in features is becoming narrower every month. There are currently a few features in QuickBooks Online which are not available in QuickBooks Desktop. Some of these features include:

            • Improved downloading of bank transactions, which is known in QuickBooks Online as Downloaded Transactions
            • Ability to use multiple accounts receivable and accounts payable accounts in a single journal entry
            • Class AND location fields to help you analyze your business segments
            • Income List – a dashboard that allows you to access all your sales and payments on ONE page

            Intuit App Center

            You can also expand the functionality of QuickBooks Online by adding apps that are in the Intuit App Center. There are a wide range of apps that include data import, project management, expense and bill management, time tracking and customer relationship management (CRM). What I love about the Intuit App Center is that all your apps are accessible from within QuickBooks Online. When you are logged into your QuickBooks Online account look for the word Intuit in the upper right hand corner of your web browser and select the arrow next to Intuit and you will see all your apps that you have subscribed to and you can launch the app right from this dropdown.

              transaction pro importer

                Transaction Pro Importer App

                My company, Baystate Consulting, has an app called Transaction Pro Importer (“TPI”) in the Intuit App Center that has been available since April 2011. This product has allowed companies to make the switch from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online when their other back office software did not provide an integration with QuickBooks Online. These companies have been able to use TPI as the bridge to import the data from these other applications into QuickBooks Online. Virtually all applications will allow you to export a file that contains the transactions. You then access TPI from within QuickBooks Online and simply browse for the file, the first time you do a simple mapping that is saved for future imports and then press the import button and all the transactions are created in QuickBooks Online for you. Just think of all the manual data entry time that you can save.

                  To date our customers have imported over 2 million transactions to QuickBooks Online. TPI is used for many different types of applications. We will just list out a few scenarios below.

                    • Sales transactions from web stores or internal orders data bases
                    • Journal entries from point of sale systems containing details of the daily sales activity
                    • Spreadsheets that contain a list of vendors that need to be paid
                    • Time activities so that either payroll or invoicing can be completed
                    • Payments received on invoices

                    All of the apps in the Intuit App Center have a free trial so you can try the app out before subscribing. Also the subscriptions are month to month so you just sign up when you need it. You can find out more and sign up for a free trial here.


                      If you haven’t checked out QuickBooks Online lately I suggest that you do. Intuit offers a free 30 day trial during which you can upload your QuickBooks desktop data to QuickBooks Online so you can see how your data will function in QuickBooks Online. Also during the free trial, jump on over to the Intuit App Center and check out all the Apps available to you and sign up for some free trials.

                      Karen profile picture9Karen Magno is a principal at Baystate Consulting, the developers of the Transaction Pro Importer, Exporter and Deleter products for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. These products have provided an easy and affordable way to interface with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Karen is passionate about saving small businesses time by reducing the amount of time that they spend manually entering data to or from QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. When she is not helping QuickBooks users Karen enjoys spending time with her cocker spaniel, Charlie, and reading or listening to music. You can learn more about her products and QuickBooks Online by reading the Baystate Consulting blog and following Karen @TransactionPro on Twitter.

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                      1. Thanks for the update, Karen. Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks (Windows/desktop version) has long been one of my favorite add-on products. I’m starting to work with QuickBooks Online more often now, I am glad to see that you have a product for that!

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