4 Ways QuickBooks Online Makes Working With Your Bookkeeper Better

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

“Should I use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop?”

    The above question is one that is being asked a lot lately. At CrunchSum, we are huge advocates of the QuickBooks Online product line for a number of reasons. But, in this post we aim to provide you with 4 specific ways that using QuickBooks Online can benefit and improve your experience working with your bookkeeper.

        Accountant’s Copy

        When you use any QuickBooks desktop product, in order for your bookkeeper to work in your file at the same time as you, make changes, and/or transfer data, you need to create an Accountant’s Copy. QuickBooks Online eliminates the need for the use of an Accountant’s Copy. With QuickBooks Online, you don’t need to coordinate with your bookkeeper a time when you can both access your company data, nor do you have to create an entirely separate copy of your file for your bookkeeper (the Accountant’s Copy). The ability to have more than one individual accessing your QuickBooks Online data at the same time makes QuickBooks Online a very attractive option for any business.

          You can easily give your bookkeeper access to your QuickBooks Online: Company -> Manage Users -> Invite Accountant and the best part is that this does not count against your user quantity limit for your QuickBooks Online plan.

          quickbooks online

            Automatic Online Banking Download

            QuickBooks Online enables you to sync your online business banking accounts and have your transactions automatically downloaded every night. For any QuickBooks desktop product, getting your business banking transactions into your QuickBooks file is a manual process. This QuickBooks Online feature significantly reduces the amount of data entry. How does this benefit you? Less data entry = less potential for data errors and less time that your bookkeeper needs to spend updating your accounts each month. This makes your bookkeeper’s job easier and translates to less billable hours that you are charged for. This feature saves everyone both time and money.

              Automatic Email Reporting

              QuickBooks Online offers the ability for your bookkeeper to have reports sent to you on a regular basis via email. You can set it up with your bookkeeper such that each month, on the same date, QuickBooks Online automatically emails you a given set of reports. Once this feature is setup, it is something that neither you nor your bookkeeper have to think about because it happens automatically. Again, one less thing that takes up both you and your bookkeeper’s time each month.

                Activity Log*

                For QuickBooks desktop products in order to track changes to transactions or view deleted transactions, you reference the Audit Trail. QuickBooks Online includes a feature called the Activity Log. This is a more comprehensive tracking mechanism that tracks, in addition to changes and deletions of transactions, list changes, logins, and third-party activity. This feature can greatly benefit both you and your bookkeeper.

                  *in the new version of QuickBooks Online this is now named Audit Log. It still has the same functionality.

                    quickbooks online qbo


                      What do think? If you are a current QuickBooks desktop user, you should have a unique appreciation for the features addressed above. Overall, by using QuickBooks Online, everyone’s lives are made easier and both time and money are saved. Can you see why CrunchSum strongly supports the use of QuickBooks Online products? These are just some of the reasons why we, at CrunchSum, love QuickBooks Online and love working with clients that use QuickBooks Online. We would encourage you to learn more about the QuickBooks Online product line.

                      Do you use QuickBooks Online? Tell us about your experience below!

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