3 Questions To Help You Decide If QuickBooks Is Right For Your Business

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

should you use quickbooks?

With the number of accounting software options increasing, how do you know which one is right for your business? Below are three questions designed to help you determine if QuickBooks is the right accounting software for your business accounting needs.

    1. What inventory tracking method does your business need?

    If you have a product based business that requires inventory tracking, QuickBooks offers three inventory tracking options: Average Cost, FIFO, and LIFO. If you are a service-based business, inventory tracking will not be a determining factor in your decision.

      2. How many users need to have access to your company file at once?

      There may be instances where multiple bookkeeping or accounting staff need to be working in your QuickBooks company file at the same time. To accomodate for this, QuickBooks Pro allows up to 3 users to access your company file at the same time. QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Premier allow up to 5, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions allows up to 30.

        3. How many transactions do you have?

        QuickBooks Pro and Premier can manage up to two billion transactions per company file. If you need accounting software that can support even more than this, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions may be your best option.


          There are, of course, several additional questions you can consider when choosing the best accounting software for your business. These are just an example of some very basic questions to help you get started in your decision making process.

          Do you use QuickBooks? What helped your business in making the decision? Please leave us a note below!

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