5 Reasons to Use Toggl for Time Tracking

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

There are several time tracking web applications available for business owners to use. At CrunchSum, we have only sampled a handful, but the reasons provided below support why we choose to use Toggl.

    1. Easy to Sign Up

    With no sign up fees, it is very easy to sign up and get started right away.

      2. Toggl Pricing Options

      Toggl offers the following plan options:

        • Free Plan – includes basic features and allows up to 5 users
        • Pro Plan – $5 per month per user; includes more advanced features

          You can pay as you go and are free to cancel as you please. Toggl also offers a 30 Day Free Trial. You can learn more about Toggl’s pricing here and advanced features here.

            3. Easy to Use Interface

            The overall design layout of the interface is not only visually appealing, but simple to navigate and is self explanatory.

              For example, to track activity, simply input the task you want to track and click start to start the clock and click stop when you are finished. Your task is recorded, saved and displayed in chronological order below.

                using toggl

                    4. Reporting Options

                    There are several reporting summary features including bar graphs and total time tracking.

                      using toggl

                        using toggl

                          You also have the option to export your summary time reports in .csv or PDF formats.

                            using toggl

                              5. Site Doesn’t Crash

                              It just plain doesn’t. This has not been our experience when testing competing products.


                                This post only scratches the surface of what Toggl is capable of providing users for all time tracking purposes. For example, third party software integration (i.e. QuickBooks) and invoicing capabilities were not discussed. Currently, at CrunchSum we are using the free plan with limited features. The reasons listed above support the use of the free version only.

                                  If you haven’t done so already, check out Toggl today.

                                    *CrunchSum LLC is in no way affiliated with Toggl, nor were we asked by Toggl to write a review. We are just a satisfied customer wanting to share our experience.

                                    Which time tracking applications do you like to use for your business? Please leave us a note below!

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                                    7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Use Toggl for Time Tracking

                                    1. Hi Amanda,

                                      I think that you should consider other tools as well. I use a nice time tracking tool for 7 months and so far so good, it’s called Paymo ( http://paymo.biz ) and it’s great for project management & invoicing too.

                                      • Thanks for the response, Michael. I did try using Paymo for a while, but moved onto Toggl because the Paymo site kept crashing. I am glad that you are having success using Paymo, though, that’s great!

                                    2. Hi Amanda, You might as well check out this blog, it explains why most time tracking software is flawed. Actually, I have tested out several time monitoring software before but they fall short in my requirements. After reading that blog I noticed that most of the software I’ve tried in the past are based on old technology that’s why I’m now trying out Time Doctor for a trial, and to date I have no problem in using it. Plus, it meets the requirements I’m looking for. Although they have yet to developed an app for Smartphones but I’ve talked to their friendly support reps and it’s now an on-going project (it’ll be release probably this year).

                                    3. Just wanted to take the opportunity to throw another option out there. Hours Tracking is another web-based tool designed for small to mid-sized teams and freelancers. It was built to provide administrators and PMs the real-time data they need while making it quick and easy for team members to track their time (so they’ll actually use it!). http://hourstracking.com

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