How to Merge Duplicate Accounts in QuickBooks

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

Periodically you should review your Chart of Accounts and get rid of unneeded or unused accounts. Having an accurate Chart of Accounts will help to ensure that transactions are tracked and booked to the correct accounts. It is common to find duplicate accounts, meaning more than one account that has been created to track the same thing. To eliminate these duplicate accounts, you can choose to merge them following these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Identify Duplicate Accounts

mergining duplicate accounts in quickbooks

Step 2: Edit Duplicate Account Name

Select the account that you want to eliminate/merge and choose to Edit.


    Change the name of the account to match exactly the name of the account you want to merge it with.

      merging accounts in quickbooks

        Step 3: Merge Duplicate Account

        You will then be prompted to merge accounts. Select yes.

          merging accounts in quickbooks

          Your duplicate accounts will now be consolidated (merged) into a single account.

            merging duplicate accounts in quickbooks

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