5 Questions To Help You Determine if QuickBooks Online Is Right For You

By Amanda Karen | CrunchSum

using quickbooks online

Are you a sole proprietor? Did you just start your company? Do you have a small business? QuickBooks Online products may be the best solution for your bookkeeping needs.

This discussion only scratches the surface of what QuickBooks Online products can offer, but hopefully will provide you with some good starting points to consider in your decision.

    The QuickBooks Online product options available include:

    • Online Simple Start
    • Online Essentials
    • Online Essentials with Payroll
    • Online Plus
    • Online Plus with Payroll

    Answer the following questions to determine if QuickBooks Online products are right for your business:

    Are you on the go a lot?

    QuickBooks Online products are compatible with your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry device. Access your company file from your laptop or mobile device at anytime from anywhere.

    Short on time?

    You eliminate the need for server setup, backups, updates, and file transfers by using QuickBooks online products. These tasks can make the bookkeeping process longer.

    Do you like having product support?

    Support is always available through online chat, phone or email.

    How many individuals need access?

    Online Simple Start is ideal when only a single user needs access to data files. You can use Online Essentials or Online Plus if you need multi-user functionality.

    Are you a service-based business?

    You can use Online Simple Start or Online Essentials if you are a service-based company. If you are product-based you can use Online Plus for inventory tracking.

    Additional benefits

    1. Accept payments on location from your customers by adding Merchant Services to process

    credit card transactions.

    2. You can process payroll with Online Essentials and Online Plus.

    You can make better informed purchase and investment decisions on the spot with the anywhere, anytime access online products give you. Know where your company stands financially at all times.

    Do you think your company may benefit from QuickBooks Online products? QuickBooks also provides a complete product comparison of the online products they offer.

    Are you currently using a QuickBooks Online product? Please share your experiences.

    CrunchSum provides web-based bookkeeping and QuickBooks support services to web and technology companies.

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